Have some questions? Check here first! Some of them may be answered below!

*Why the name, "Compeito"?*

"Compeito" is what Japanese vendors call those tiny star shaped candies made of sugar. I grew up eating them on special days like Girls Day (Hinamatsuri) or New Years. They taste like rock (sugar) candy and are very colorful. Whenever I see or eat them, it brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories. I'm also a sucker for candy and snacks, so all of the navigational pages have candy-related icons. In short, "Compeito" is my personal candy shop~! ^_^

*What happened to "Through the Looking Glass"?

After I shut my site down on September 15, 2001, I spent a lot of time thinking about my art and why I was doing it. I felt at that time, I was doing things for the wrong reasons and became increasingly upset about everything I did. I deleted everything from that site and made a vow to myself to start with a clean slate. I started full-time work, went abroad, and travelled a bit before settling down to make myself a new site. I didn't want to re-open TTLG because of all the baggage it brings with it. Truthfully, I still have art up at Elfwood and some other gallery sites, but I rarely check in there. If you want to see my old stuff, that's the place to look~!

*What's "Kyubi Kitsy"?

From waaaaay back when I used to frequent IRC channels for the ArtCorner as a REFF and moderator, I used to go by the name "Kitsune". I like foxes. I like Japanese folklore. I didn't think "kitsune" was such a popular name! When a new REFF by the name of "Kitsune Rei" joined TAC, things got even more confusing. Someone had e-mailed me with the suggestion of "Kyubi Kitsune" (a reference to Hyper Police... but I didn't know it at the time), and I liked the 9-tail idea... so I took up the name and people had trouble typing it. ^_^; One day, Juno mistyped my handle as "Kitsy". People thought it was cute and the name stuck ever since. Besides. It's a lot easier than saying and spelling my real name.

*Will there be any tutorials up later? Can you teach me how to draw?

Maybe. Depends on how much time I have. Frankly, I'm trying getting used to drawing again. It's been a while since I last seriously drew anything, and I'm quite rusty. That includes my (holy!) COPIC markers. T_T; Sorry people~ There are a LOT of books out there to help you how to draw better. Remember: It's the effort you put into it that makes the difference! NOT the materials. ^_^

*Can you draw me something? For FREE?

Er.. Sorry. I don't have the time... However, I am available for commissions~!

*Can I use your picture for my webpage/character portrait/etc?

I'm hesitant to let people use my drawings (especially my original artwork) for their own purposes. A lot of my older original drawings were of specific characters I played in various table-top RPG campaigns. None of those drawings are currently on this site. However, if you are interested in using one of my fanart pieces, please e-mail me first~ I will most likely let you use them, however I have a few stipulations:
  • Contact me with your intentions.
  • Do not alter the image without my permission.
  • Make sure my website info and signature are still visible. Do not post my e-mail address.
  • Send me a URL (if applicable) of the finished product! I'd like to see it! :D
*Are you from Japan?

Check my bio and you'll see that I was born in Hawaii. Indeed. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. My immediate family is ethnically Japanese, but nationally (is that a word?) American. I'm 3-4th generation Japanese-American. The only Japanese I know is what I learned in school. (That equates to about 10 years worth... off and on). Trust me. I'm not very good at it. ^^; However, I spent 2002-2003 in Japan, teaching English with NOVA.

*Did you draw that "Culture SHOCK!" comic?

Wow~ you must remember me from a long while back! I'm impressed! Yes~ I did draw the "Culture SHOCK!" comics that printed in the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Ka Leo newspaper from 1998 to 2000. They're not on this site (at the moment) because I don't have a back-up copy of them. Once I get them from my family, I'll post them here in my comics section!

*Did you make all those icons?

Yup! The earlier set (the media icons you see on my art pages) I made with Microangelo about 2 years ago. The candy/snack-shaped icons I made with Photoshop, specially for this site!

*What's with the "key" looking signature?

If you actually noticed this, I tip my proverbial hat to you~ You actually *looked* for my signature! The key thing was designed as a quick and recognizable sig I could use for my drawings and business card. Why a key? Well, take my handle: "Kyubi Kitsune". Japanese are notorious for squishing long words down to shorter and catchy phrases. (For instance: "Pocket Monsters" = "Pokemon".) Same idea: Kyu-bi Ki-tsu-ne ----> "Q-key". If you look at the signature, the hole of the key is a "Q". Makes sense? The dots just make it look cute. :D

*What's with that weird code on top of your main navi links?

If you know me well enough, you would probably know my medium of choice are COPIC markers. I used the basic shape of the cap (and their color code) to make the navi links. ^_^v

Any other questions? E-mail me!
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